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(Help By Compelling Revelation)

Bible Passage: Genesis 18:16 – 33

Apostle Dr. Saturday Mark


God is constantly at work and co-operates with man in doing His work. God has chosen to work with man in all His programs on earth. He reveals What He does to man, including what He wants to do – all is worked out in man's life.

God would do nothing without revealing it to His servants, the prophet, so revelation is God’s way of financing man’s impact on the earth. Life is a function of revelation as God brings us pieces of His will at different times and seasons. Therefore, a man’s effectiveness or impact at any given time is tied to the quality of revelation he receives from God.

Access to revelation from God is primed upon relationship. One cannot access the unveiling of divine programs who is a stranger to the person of God and His covenant of promise. Your relationship with God indicates your purpose, and revelation is tied to His purpose with and for you; that is to say, if you are not born again, it is difficult for you to access purpose, and as long as purpose eludes you, revelation is unnecessary becomes it comes to finance the purpose and make you significant to the glory of God. But what compels God to grant one this privilege of knowing what He is doing or is about to do?

That is our concern as we look at Genesis 18.

From our text, three facts are deductible in verses 17-19 which compels the divine unveiling to humans of the secrets of His Council and Counsel. Note that the most significant help one needs is understanding the secrets of his actions. Access to secrets elevates your chances, advances your cause, and enhances your speed in the allocations of grace. When praying for help, pray for understanding of secrets found in this passage in the phrases (a) His work in the present and the future – v17 (b) His Purpose in man’s future – v18 and His knowledge of man’s future – v19. One may wonder how these relate to financing his impact through compelling revelations, but let’s get into it and see what God has for us here.

GOD’S PURPOSE IN MAN’S FUTURE“Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation…” v18

What did God see that compelled His commitment to Abraham? Admittedly, God sees beyond human eyes, location, and perception. There is something about you that God sees even when your eyes and heart are not opened to it yet. For Abraham

a. God Saw His Greatness – There was greatness hidden in the inside of Abraham – He was a great man = He will become a great nation = Not only great but a mighty nation
b. God saw Blessing – Following the promise, = Abraham was to be blessed = He will become a blessing = All nations of the earth will be blessed by him

Amid the greatness, might, and blessing, God could hide nothing. That is how compelling the purpose is to the secrets of the Almighty.

GOD’S KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR FUTURE“For I know him, that he will command his children…”v19

God does not only see, but He knows about your future. God knows our character and can decipher our pious present and prideful future. For Abraham:

a. He knew that years of barren waiting would not cause Abraham to value the children more than Him. God knows where our value in tomorrow is. For God to finance your impact, He must see Himself in your future. It was one thing for Abraham to heed Sarah in relating to Hagar, but it took more than that for Abraham to send Ishmael out of his house. It took Abraham having an excellent value for God to send Ishmael away, and double that is sacrificing Isaac upon Mount Moriah.
b. He knows both the duration and circle of our faith. Abraham’s faith is transgenerational and will cross his time to future generations, yet, it is also broad enough to accommodate not only his children but all the household, including strangers and enslaved people. This shows God’s interest in and esteem of the family system. God must see Himself in your future, family, and finances – I will say this a hundred times in different ways, so don’t be tired when you see it; instead, endeavor to relate to it properly. God must help you.
c. God knows the direction or course of our faith in the future before we get there. He knows justice and judgment will prevail as a pa thway for Abraham’s future generations. This accommodation of God and his ideal in the Abrahamic “hereafter” compels the release of divine secrets. If your future has accommodation for God, then He takes the responsibility to accelerate your impact.

So, God made Himself known amid such awesome knowledge of a faith-filled, righteously guided future. Don’t forget God moves to enhance your influence on your world or environment today when your lot accommodates Him. He finances your today and factors in your impact based on His knowledge of your tomorrow.

HIS FAITHFUL WORKS NOW AND THEN – “… Shall I hide from Abraham, that thing which I do…”v17

We started by noting that God is constantly at work. In the case of our text, God was at work in Sodom and Gomorrah even when He stopped by to help Abraham in his journey of faith in bringing about God’s promise as packaged in Isaac. In the workings of God at that moment – and take note, because these things am about to mention are reasons why you need to scream for help in this meeting and the direction of our discussion,

A. Abraham must not be ignorant on the day of God’s mighty manifestation. The Bible says that men shall be willing in the day of His power. Is that a time of ignorance? How will you manage the willingness and submissions of the people? You need help so that you are not ignorant of religious activities in your days; otherwise, you will go left and miss the benefits of His manifestations.
B. Abraham must not be surprised if his nephew and family are in danger. God has so designed that you become a covering and solution to your people as a chosen vessel of God. By that design, God finances your present by informing you ahead of any activity involving your loved ones. In another way, he makes you more than capable of handling their issues before they have them, and, in that way, He exerts you upon the people and enhances your significance.
C. Abraham had the privilege of impacting Sodom and Gomorrah because God took him into confidence by granting him privileged information about His work. If Sodom had any righteous deeds, Abraham would have changed the evil occurrence intended to befall them. By that revelation, God elevated Abraham’s privilege to impact his world. Don’t forget that this is not the first time Abraham stood up for Sodom, and I think we need to check back and note the help important in that encounter that Abraham had. God is still advancing spiritual information but are you, His confidant?
D. God will bring about what He spoke to and about Abraham – v19. God knew that with knowledge of Abraham and his place in divine purpose, Heaven would honor whatever God had said. So He revealed it; after all, He will perform it. Because God will be faithful to His word, He brings it as a revelation to every man who is in His purpose and keeps the faith. Never do you think His promise for you is too much for Him to fulfill? God is ever faithful.


When God looks into your future, does His knowledge of you compel His empowerment of your impact? Do you decide to remain faithful to and in His purpose beyond now, or are you looking for a quick result? When God sees Himself in your tomorrow, He sponsors or Helps your today and guarantees your future.

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